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Sub-Sahara Africa

with easy transactions 

In every corner of the world, payments are changing. We offer businesses, organizations, families and individuals a contactless mobile payment solution that is easy and safe to use. No need for cards, cash, or out-of-service point-of-sale machines.

The future of payment systems is here. With no need for terminals or any other hardware, Flarewave is an effortless solution for individuals,physical shops, trade unions and NGOs, allowing for simple, easy and contactless payments with a phone.




A simple way to make every transaction secure, simple, and safe

Fast & Agile

Pay for anything & everything with just a tap of your finger. Experience the convenience of carrying out transactions with ease; from bills, e-commerce payments, to barcode scans in marchant stores

Secure Advanced system

Our secure and advanced encryption system,provides protection for all network systems 24 hours a day. Flarewave ensures 100% secured protection with money back guarantee

All in one service

Transact with ease and make payments hassle-free. Pay bills and top up phone credit, send money to loved ones local or abroad, and make purchases in online stores.

Grow Your Vision

We simplify the payment process by aggregating the payment ecosystem; while leveraging its technology to alter the financial sector and lead the transformation towards financial inclusion.


We are empowering small businesses, individuals and communities

Do you want Chipasha to split the bill with you? Of course, she will. Now that Chipasha has a payment option, there's no room for objections. Just share a link with your friends and let them pay up!

Choolwe a designer just called her customer to let her know her  dress is ready for pick-up and her customer can easily complete the payment on the flarewave secure payment link 

Mrs Mwale is better known as the smiling lady in this locality. She has many customers because she can now receive contactless payments on Flarewave

Joshua, a self-employed electrician, is proud to show his mother the payment that was received via flarewave, an easy and integrated digital payment solution.

Access the key

Access to financial services is key to empowering individuals, small businesses and communities. We are working to make sure that everyone, regardless of their economic status or geographic location, has access to basic financial products and services.




No matter who you are, everyone loves simple fast and easy transactions when it comes to getting paid. The feeling is universal, whether you’re a business owner or a person – and that is why we built flare-wave


Focusing on people, businesses and partners. We empower them to connect, grow and flourish.


Blockchain secure payment system for entrepreneurs and people who want their transactions managed in a simple, secure and efficient way.



''Financial inclusion matters not only because it promotes growth, but because it helps ensure prosperity is widely shared. Access to financial services plays a critical role in lifting people out of poverty, empowering women, and helping governments deliver services to their people.'' 

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